radio systems

The importance of digitalisation has never been as clear as today. Thanks to Messtex radio technology ,entering your property for meter readings or functional tests belongs to the past.

This means your tenants can live even more comfortable and safe.


The comprehensive Messtex radio system consists of:

Radio heat cost allocators

Radio heat meters

Radio cold meters


Radio water meters

Radio smoke detectors


Your properties can be easily equipped with Messtex radio technology. Please get in touch with us! We are happy to take care of the planning, installation and maintenance of the equipment.

How does remote reading with Messtex radio technology work?

Our Full-Service-Package automatically records and transmits the consumption values of the individual recording devices. there is No need for you to take care of anything.

We first equip your property with the gateway in the staircase as well as radio devices in the individual appartements.

The recording devices regularly send the measured consumption values to the gateway in the staircase.

The gateway transmits the data automatically and securely encrypted to our Messtex cloud.

We subsequently provide you with the consumption information.

Your advantages at a glance

Your full-service-package

Our wireless technology relieves your administration and residents from work and discomfort At the same time.

Your overview

We can send the consumption data of your residents in automated intervalls That are determined by you – wheter annually, quarterly or monthly.

Your cost savings

By installing a complete system you will save costs for technicians, regular readings and radio checks.


Information about radio meter reading

Radio meter reading is based on a radio-capable metering technology and a data collector network. There are radio meters in the flats that automatically read the consumption values and transmit them by radio to the data collectors in the staircase. This data collector then passes the data on to the system of the respective service provider.

The amended EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) stipulates that meters and cost allocators must be remotely readable in the future - that desn´t necessarely mean readable with radio systmes, but readable remotely. The amendment came into force on 25 October 2020. For Germany, this means that the Heating Costs Ordinance must be amended. Currently, this is still pending. Until then, everything will remain the same.

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