energy certificates

Energy certificates are mandatory for (almost) every building. Whether it is for new rent or property sale you are obliged to determine the energy efficiency of your property.

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Your advantages with Messtex energy certificate:

Easy application

Simply apply for your consumption-oriented energy certificate using our contact form. As soon as we receive your request, we will check your data for plausibility and take care of the rest. You will then receive your energy certificate form conveniently via e-mail.

100% legally valid

We guarantee that your energy certificate is legally valid according to the current Building Energy Act (GEG).

Professional and cost-effective

We are professionals in this genre Due to years of experience and provide our services at a fair price.

What is an energy certificate?

An energy certificate describes the energy efficiency and the energetic condition of a property on the basis of various characteristic values.

On the one hand, it contains general information about the building, such as the address, the year of construction, the building type or the usable floor space. On the other hand, it also contains information on the heating fuels used (e.g. gas, electricity or oil) and – very importantly – the energy characteristics of a property.


Which energy certificate do you need?

There are two different types of energy certificates:


Consumption certificate

  • Less expensive
  • Requested faster (less documents are needed)
  • Contains actual consumption
  • Recommendations for improving energy efficiency
  • Creation can be done regularly and quickly

Demand certificate

  • More expensive
  • Application is complex
  • Contains “standard consumption”
  • Individual modernisation recommendations possible
  • One-time on-site admission of the building

A demand certificate is needed if

it is a multi-family house with less than five residential units, which does not yet comply with the 1977 Thermal Insulation Ordinance.

you would like to apply for funds from state subsidy programmes for the energy-efficient refurbishment of a building.

before a certificate of demand can be issued, Your building must be inspected and recorded by an energy consultant. We are happy to recommend a qualified energy advisor in your area.

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