Digital reading

The Heart of our service is our unique and specially developed system for the digital reading of analogue meters.

Our app makes it playfully easy for residents to record consumption values conveniently from home via mobile phone or computer.


The Comprehensive package

Digital data transmission

Handling of the meter reading process

Notification of residents, incl. reminder notifications


Conduct of reading process

Delivery of the complete data for settlements

Measurably simple. Conceivably many advantages.

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Your advantages of digital reading with Messtex at a glance:

  • Through the digital reading of the messtex app there is no need to ever again take time off of work for manual readings by service tecnicians
  • During this ongoing pandemic, messtex can help to Be safer by avoiding close contact with others in your home, who have lots of contact points with other people in other households
  • Protecting our environment is more important than ever before. Countless car rides for first, second and even third appointments will be avoided.
  • Avoidable costs for paper and postal service can be saved if you choose to use our automated digital reminder system for the digital readings.

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